What you’re looking for has been with you all along!

So today me and my church group packed up the vans and headed down to Panama City Beach! The sad thing is that, the van I was riding in had NO A/C. It was scorching hot in there! We sat in agony for hours and hours and there was a downpour of sweat that just ran all up and down my back! I was still in my scrubs from work, and had intended on changing out of those ASAP. 

The minute we got to the next rest area, I went into my luggage to get my clothes and deodorant. I developed quite the body odor because I forgot to put deodorant on this morning. As I was rambling through my luggage I could feel EVERYTHING I packed BUT my deodorant. Out of frustration I started sweating some more! Then out of no where, God kind of moved my hand into my pockets and there was my deodorant! I had it with me the ENTIRE TIME! HOW SILLY OF ME. 

Moral of the story:

We look for love, and acceptance from others, when we have already been LOVED and ACCEPTED by God himself. 

And He is with me. He is all I need. What I’ve been looking for this entire time was Him. A love relationship with Him! :) <3

It was just a humbling reminder that God brought to my attention. Thanks for reading!


So many times it’s so easy to get caught up in our own circumstances and forget about how beautiful yet fragile our life really is. A few days ago my friend asked me something that has been the utmost privilege to be apart of. He asked me to come work on his grandpa in the Hospice who is barely hanging on to his life with every breath that he takes. I remember walking in there today and immediately grabbing Mr.Richard Browns hand. And as I spent time sitting there in silence hearing the respirator going on and off to give his lungs oxygen, I put my hand gently over his heart…. Every single breath at this point was being fought for. As I sat there it just made me think of how rich we really are. 

God himself has given us breath. We have the breath of life within us. Apart from Him, we can’t even breathe! Just know that you have it rich if you’re still breathing! You still have life! Choose to continue to live, and move on from whatever circumstances you may be going through! You’re rich! You have air. Don’t allow your misfortunes and short comings hold you back from breathing. Don’t let them strangle you and choke you from living and.breathing the richness and joys of this life. You have all that you need to have the strength to keep moving forward! :)

Thanks Mr.Rich for being apart of my life the way you have been and providing me the revelation of how “Rich” I really am. 


So lately I’ve been reading a book called 
Putting a FACE on GRACE - living a life worth passing on" By Richard Blackaby, and YALL I gotta share some of points I’ve gotten from reading this book! Make sure yall get a chance to order your copy off of amazon by clicking on the title above! 
Here are some things I’d like to share from reading the book so far, 

Grace is not a blanket tolerance; it is not a display of weakness; it does not avoid speaking the truth even when it’s difficult; and it is not a onetime event. Grace does not ignore sin. Grace recognizes the full ugliness of sin, yet it offers undeserved pardon and blessing. 

We are not called to just bathe in grace; we are called to shower it upon others. Grace has not been fully experienced until it is fully expressed to others. The deeper our understanding of grace, the more we see the necessity of making it the fabric of our Christian life. 

Grace is more than theology; it should be the motivating force of our entire life. God’s grace should move all of us to show kindness to all those who are totally undeserving of it. 

  • Grace is a gift of kindness given to someone who does not deserve it
  • Grace is not reciprocal. It goes one way.
  • Grace is costly. Someone has to pay a price for grace.
  • Grace looks at what people can become and seeks to help them reach their potential. Grace does not condemn those who have not yet arrived.
  • Grace focuses on solutions, not problems.
  • Grace leads to action
  • Grace is what motivates God to relate to us moment by moment with perfect love. God looks at us through eyes of grace. If he didn’t we would have no hope.
  • Grace is the lubricant that eases friction in any relationship.
  • Grace expects the best but offers freedom to fail.
  • Grace celebrates success and does not keep score of wrongs.

    Grace is foundational to EVERYTHING God does in our lives.

    Peace and blessings!

"If you know that God loves you, you should never question a directive from Him. It will always be right and best. When He gives you a directive, you are not just to observe it, discuss it, or debate it. You are to obey it."

Henry Blackaby

God is not obligated to bless our plans, but he will bless His. God’s power is released through the humble act of faith. We always want to affirm ourselves, but Jesus says to deny ourselves. If we want to know Jesus we must humble ourselves. The only way to unconditionally love people is to see people the way Jesus see’s them. God is always at work in ways that we cannot see. A mere man can’t do the impossible or unthinkable, but through a servant of God, the immeasurable can happen.

I definitely had my time in Texas, and would have to say that it made a great impact on me. I must praise the Lord for such a great time. I’m very thankful for all the fellowship and worship we had and I am excited to see how everyone is gonna GROW & GO. Shout out to my boy Tony Bui, for walking with me through life and hosting me this past week! 

Wherever we go, we should be a meeting place of where Heaven and Earth meet. Our peace doesn’t come from the world, but it comes from Jesus. Peace begins with a smile. Let us radiate the peace and light of God. By doing that we will exstingush all the hate and malice of men. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil by good. Grace and peace to you. May we communicate Gods grace and peace. Let us serve as that is what he has sent us out for. A saint is someone who makes it easier for someone to believe in God. If we take Gods grace and peace wherever we go, others will be able to find God through us :)